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E-mail marketing software from Westbridge. Specialists in e-Marketing

Email Marketing System

As people's use of email becomes more widespread, e-mail marketing is rapidly becoming accepted as a very cost-effective and successful marketing method which companies can no longer afford to ignore.

We have developed our own professional e-marketing system which provides the marketer with the control to deploy their e-campaign exactly when they want to, make it more personal and measure it's effectiveness throughout by tracking the recipient's inter-action with the email.

Once the campaign has been broadcast, our system provides online graphical reports in real-time to let you know how many people are inter-acting with the emails and who they are ie. the results.

Our system's features include:

  • Send targeted, personalised emails
  • Target sub-sets of your database
  • Data-capture forms to build customer profiles
  • Send html and text only versions simultaneously
  • Use rich media Flash animation and video
  • Various graphical reports on URL click-throughs
  • Download email reports into a spreadsheet
  • Automatic bounce-back processing
  • Branded auto-unsubscribe facility

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Email marketing system providing ROI tracking & data capture for e-marketing campaigns

"72% of businesses with more than 10 employees are online while over 91% of UK employees work in a connected business."
UK GOV e-envoy

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