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Website marketing and email software services

Email marketing from Westbridge, specialists in enewsletters and emarketing


e-Newsletters are one of the best business e-Marketing tools to come along in years. Sent to customers and prospects they help promote your brand, generate new leads, increase sales and open up an immediate two-way digital dialogue. They also help position your business as an "Industry Thought Leader" and provide you with an interactive and regular means for communicating with prospects and customers, as well as other stakeholder audiences such as: employees, partners, shareholders and community interest groups.

Html newsletters are an inexpensive form of marketing to produce and publish. At Westbridge Marketing we understand how to create engaging online newsletters that people anticipate, open and read. Users can interact with them enthusiastically which makes a measurable difference for your business.

We offer an affordable permission based personalised email newsletter service with a range of interactive features which can be sent using our email marketing software.

Effective, e-Newsletters must be:

  • Sent to permission based emails - recipients must be able to opt-in or unsubscribe.
  • Relevant - the email needs to be filled with useful and relevant information, targeted to the users interests.
  • Personalised email - addressed correctly and personalised to the recipient.
  • Fit the brand - be written in a clear, genuine voice that reflects the brand and what it's like to do business with your company.
  • Regular - grows your business by focusing on solidifying relationships with your clients and prospects over the long term, not on hard sales and quick promotions.
  • Creatively strong - well written and well-designed emails in either html or plain text if the user cannot receive html emails.
  • Be measurable - which individuals and how many clicked-through or otherwise responded online, when etc.

Comparison - e-Newsletter vs. direct mail

There are 2 main advantages and many added benefits to e-Marketing and in using html e-Newsletters compared to a paper based direct mail piece:

e-Newsletter advantages

1. Time

The time to produce, deploy and receive responses back from an e-Newsletter are reduced from 7 - 12 days to 1 - 3 days!

2. Money

Costs to design, programme, test, send and receive an email newsletter over paper based direct mail version are reduced by 45% for 1000 and up to 78% less for a run of 5000.

Additional e-Newsletter benefits

  • Speed of email response - immediate.
  • Building brand awareness.
  • Fully trackable with specific url click-thru reports.
  • Auto unsubscribe and bounce-backs for list cleaning.
  • Data capture forms for more accurate customer profiling.
  • Viral marketing to generate more leads.
  • Integrated polling and online surveys.

The time and cost savings, plus the additional benefits make e-Marketing, by way of html e-Newsletters, a very cost-effective and efficient way to market your business.

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"80% of the UK's online population receives direct email: Email is swiftly overtaking traditional direct mail, with over 100 million marketing emails sent in December 2001."
March 2002, NetValue

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