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Opt-in E-mail List Rental

Opt-in List rental

If you are looking to do an online marketing campaign and feel that you either do not have enough in-house data or you want to communicate to a wider audience to attract new customers you should consider using an opt-in email list.

We offer a service that finds the right list for your purpose whether it be a consumer mailing or business to business mailing there will be lists that are right for your purpose.

There are over 3200 B2B lists in the UK alone covering all of the 1.9million businesses large and small, from sole traders to Financial Times Top 1000 largest plc's.

Most lists can be selected by certain variables, the most common of which are listed :


  • job function
  • business activity
  • employee size
  • turnover
  • location
  • date of incorporation

There are over 5000 consumer lists to choose from, most of which are categorised by interest. We are able to select the exact criteria for your purpose and run a count across all the relevant lists to produce an accurate number of matching opt-in emails.


  • Gender
  • Age
  • Postcode
  • Interests
  • Home owner
  • Income



Opt in mailing lists & permission based e-marketing

"In November 2002, UK online shoppers spent over 1 billion a month for the first time. And 73% of UK marketers now use online marketing tools."

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