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Website Development & Data Capture

One of the most important parts of any online campaign is to ensure your website's message and design is up-to-date and is geared up to capturing visitor's details wherever possible. There is no point in carrying out a successful e-marketing campaign, driving lots of new traffic to your site and not capturing their interest when they arrive.

Our web team can work with you on ensuring your site is up to speed and inter-active. We can create any extra pages or data-capture forms which may be required to optimise your campaign's results. We can also design and build any micro-sites which maybe required for a specific campaign to help measure it's effectiveness or capture even more data.

data capture and web development

"6 out of 10 internet purchases are made from sites found from Search Engines."
Forrester Research

website development & design to increase data capture

"8 out of 10 users rely on the Top 8 search engines to find what they want."
r behalf Emarketer

Westbridge marketing will handle your search engine submissions on you
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